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Craving simplicity in the Midwest + dreaming about the West Coast.


I live in Wisconsin in a cozy apartment and divide my time between working in the construction industry, youth ministry at church, family and friends.

It's also all about game nights, baseball games, watching football, going to movies, last minute road trips, seeking out quirky shops, lingering over long dinners, girl weekends away, and shopping.

I've lived in South Korea, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, and then Wisconsin again. I have this habit of moving every few years, but don't think that will happen again soon.

My favorite things are watermelon, the game Settlers of Catan, family (not in that order), lazy summer afternoons - reading on the deck, listening to rainfall while falling asleep, picking out another musty smelling book at the library, telling people I don't favor the word "moist", using too much punctuation all the time - including parentheses, ellipses, and exclamation marks.

I love simple decor that is not all matchy-matchy - thus I favor Scandinavian design - and minimalistly arranged rooms. (I also make up words like "minimalistly".)


Working my way through the KonMari method via Marie Kondo's book.